a long time ago...

In a galaxy far, far away.... I wrote on this blog.
Okay, so it wasn't too long ago, but it was a different city ago!
So if anyone still looks at this little space of the Interwebs and gives a care, here's the low-down:

We've up and moved our little family o' four over the summer to Knoxville, Tennessee! And we are so happy to be here. It's a cool place to be.


After a lot of thought about what we wanted to accomplish at this stage in our lives, we decided to be closer to a non-profit we've been part of for about nine years. So now I'm project-managing a sewing cooperative of five refugee women who live here in Knoxville, called Intertwined. And I'm still mommy full-time, of course... so we're still figuring all that out.

Claire is happy to model with Intertwined's products

I'm no longer running my Vintage Songbird shop on Etsy, but I'm happy to get my patchwork fix with the ladies of Intertwined and excited to run their Etsy shop! So support some refugee families, whydon'tcha, for the holidays!

We're still looking for a house... so for now we're hanging out cozy-like in a small apartment with most of our stuff in storage. But it's got great light.

no one probably cares about this photo, 
but I took a similar one when we moved to our first house

Claire took this; usually the only way this mama manages to get in a photo. 
Aedan is chillin'.

The Smokies, bluegrass, standing in the gap for refugees... Knoxville's got it goin' on. 
Hope you're well, friends!


Anonymous said...

Will miss you! Have fun in Knoxville! Kate in NYC

Rachel said...

Thank you, Kate! We are having a good time, and updating a historic house we bought. I need to post some photos and an update!

Anonymous said...

We also just bought a house...an old Victorian, outside the City. Bye bye apartment, bye bye Big Apple. After a year in Knoxville, I hope your new life's wearing well. Just thought I'd peek at your old blog today, and see if you'd posted anything...