caution: block puzzles are addicting

I finally bought Jennifer Casa's book Crafting with Kids, and let me tell you, it is amazing. Some really, really fun new ideas (I didn't know you could make chalk!)... plus a lot of the classic crafts that I didn't know how to execute well, like kaleidoscopes, tie-dye shirts, and anything using polymer clay or shrink plastic. 75 projects, people. With tons of photos. This is going to be a fantastic resource for us for years to come.

So yesterday we dove right in and made some Story Puzzle Blocks for an upcoming little friend's birthday. Picked up a bunch of old picture books at the thrift store for about $5, plus some wooden blocks at Hobby Lobby (thanks, Miss Wendy!). This morning after a final coat of Mod Podge we had ourselves a lovely handmade gift.

We like it so much we're making more for ourselves today. Something about cutting up the pieces and then putting them back together, like a mosaic, is so satisfying.

Sure, I'm doing most of the work at this point... but a little 3-year-old loved taking the discarded scraps and making her first real collage. And creative freedom is really what crafting time is all about, right? Love it.


HelenaHandbag said...

I am your local wooden block pimp. Smooches.

Hyperactive Lu said...

Oh my! This is adorable! I never knew!!! Love your blog!

Reverend Rockey said...

I think that i enjoy putting those puzzles together just as much as the upcoming little friend.

Lindsey said...

Very cute idea!

Mia from Aberdeen, Scotland said...

Love it! Ordering the book today, just hope they sell it in the UK as well