thrifty scores

Sometimes you find goodies, sometimes you don't... and today I definitely did whilst at my local Goodwill. That they nearly all mix yellow and pink and florals... well, that was a happy coincidence, and just happens to echo my mood this time of year. Love me some corals, pinks, and yellows together roundabouts May.

pristine vintage sheet - major score of the day and may be destined for some kids clothes. It's so perfect though, I'm conflicted!

bag for me

summer dresses for her

ironstone planter

Not pictured: vintage luncheon plate with little pink flowers. :)
Happy Easter and a happy spring!


HelenaHandbag said...

Glad to see you back to blogging -- I check every day. =]

Julie said...

I love the bag! I have one very close to it and it is my favorite. And sooo many people have tried to get it from me. No way I'm giving up that bag. Great finds!