these shots heavily curated

...lest you should think my house is spic and span. Nope... high chairs, puzzles, books, there's stuff everywhere.
Brought in all this purple and white today, my favorite spring colors.


stolen from the vacant house across the street... anyone know what these are? some kind of wild hyacinth?

bradford pear blooms, which admittedly stink to high heaven

grape hyacinths from our garden

Claire said we had to put the tulip with the others
so it "wouldn't be alone, and it will be their mommy"


Becky said...

I feel the same way -- my house currently has multiple puzzle projects resident on my living room floor, along side other random things. I added fresh flowers in the house, and I just keep staring at them (instead of the messes). It's working nicely right now...

Rachel said...

Yes, exactly what I do! I'd rather have fresh flowers among the mess than saving them for some picture-perfect rooms that will never happen!